PDI joins OpenAPC

We welcome the Paul-Drude-Institut für Festkörperelektronik (PDI) as new contributing institution!

Contact Person for the PDI data is Anne Timm.

Cost data

The initial data set provided by the PDI covers publication fees for 5 articles published in 2020, total expenditure amounts to 10,312€ and the average fee is 2,062€. The PDI also provided data for on articles published under the German DEAL agreement with Wiley (not shown here).

  Articles Fees paid in EURO Mean Fee paid
AIP Publishing 2 4009 2005
IEEE 1 1833 1833
Optical Society of America (OSA) 1 2899 2899
Springer Nature 1 1570 1570


A detailed analysis of the contributed data provides the following overview:

Fees paid per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk tree_pdi_2021_10_05_full

Average costs per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_pdi_2021_10_05_publisher_full