University of Erfurt updates its APC and BPC expenditures

The University of Erfurt has updated its expenditures, the latest contribution provides data on APCs for the 2021 period as well as on BPCs for 2019 -2021.

Erfurt University Library is in charge of the University’s Open Access Publishing Fund, which is supported by the German state of Thüringen (TMWWDG).

Contact person is Martina Schlütter.

Cost Data

The new APC data set covers publication fees for 14 articles, total expenditure amounts to 29 247€ and the average fee is 2 089€.

The following table provides an overview. Please note that BPCs are not included in this list, as they are aggregated in OpenAPC’s BPC dataset.

  Articles Fees paid in EURO Mean Fee paid
Elsevier BV 4 9334 2333
Informa UK Limited 3 5475 1825
MDPI AG 3 5443 1814
BMJ 1 2018 2018
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 1 2777 2777
Public Library of Science (PLoS) 1 1630 1630
SAGE Publications 1 2570 2570


With the recent contribution included, the overall APC data for the University of Erfurt now looks as follows:

Fees paid per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk tree_erfurt_2022_08_05_full

Average costs per year (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_erfurt_2022_08_05_year_full

Average costs per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_erfurt_2022_08_05_publisher_full