UKE joins OpenAPC

We welcome the University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf (UKE) as new contributing institution!

The UKE operates a dedicated OA publication funds and also takes part in the DEAL agreements. An initial data set on expenditures for Wiley Gold OA APCs has been kindly made available to OpenAPC.

Contact Person is Sonja Clauditz.

Cost data

The initial data set covers publication fees for 28 articles published in 2021, total expenditure amounts to 68,969€ and the average fee is 2,463€.

  Articles Fees paid in EURO Mean Fee paid
Wiley-Blackwell 27 64685 2396
EMBO 1 4284 4284


The following plot shows a cost distribution of the reported APCs:

Average costs per publisher (in EURO)

plot of chunk box_duke_2022_11_09_publisher_full